Read this before you Dropout!

Nowadays, people are too concerned about getting highly educated; chasing passion is the most neglected part. We are raised in the context that securing better grades helps to approach the pinnacle of a brilliant career. Many dropouts have proved that a piece of paper from university is not essential to live the dream, but hard work and going the extra mile are vital to success. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Mukesh Ambani, Bill Gates, Sachin Tendulkar, Henry Ford, Mary Kom, Akshay Kumar and many more shining stars are rays of inspiration that success is not only achieved through academic degrees.

Have you forgotten the ‘Real You’ for CA? Do you remember when you used to paint or dance or swim or cook or used to do anything that made you happy? So rather than getting into the flashback, please make an effort to live it again. If CA does not excite you anymore, then why do it? Instead, find the ‘Real You’ and grow with no regret. Today social media and various other platforms play a vital role in encouraging creativity that acts as a facilitator to be successful. Hear the intuition of what is best and prove it to be true. We all know that most of us cannot decide what is best for us after 10+2, but it is okay to be late than never as everyone has a unique thing in them that sets them apart from the crowd, so rediscover yourself better. Take time to understand yourself and do not pressurize your ability for someone else’s dream. Be active in identifying and realizing it; the pursuit of never letting it go will produce an unheard-of result. 

Gone are the days when career meant only to be an Engineer or Doctor or CA… In recent times, vocational training is also encouraged, and too many institutes in India offer an “n” number of courses to make your dream come true. Being enthusiastic with passion will surely convince parents and family and help win their support if one can justify the decision. One can be a Blogger, a Businessman, a Social Influencer, an Artist, and whatnot, but motivation alone will never take to the final line; it is the ability to cope with the motive and be determined throughout the journey. See where the world is evolving and use this opportunity to succeed. Moreover, never think that doing CA was a waste of time, as it will always help in some way, be it in understanding business more, be it in managing accounts, or build up concentration level. Failures are always learning; take them positively.

Do not quit because life has become discontented after taking the CA course, but leave it if better opportunities are waiting, and there is a clear vision that dropping out decisions will cheer and make you happy. Therefore, dropping CA will not be the end but a start altogether of a different journey with no looking back.

“When Life gives you lemons, make a Lemonade.”-Dale Carnegie

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