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How does it work?

Our process follows a simple 4-step approach. For the Resume service, the process will typically take about 1 week. For the Resume + Cover letter service, it will take about 2 weeks. If you need a faster turnaround, please send us an email at support@camonk.com, or reach out to us on Facebook and we will let you know what we can do. Putting together the perfect application takes time, successful candidates typically start this process with us as early as they can.

Step #1: You write the first draft

The first step towards crafting the perfect application is for you to put together an initial draft of your Resume and Cover letter. To achieve the best results, you should follow the advice given in our Consulting resume guide and Cover letter guide. In addition, you should add any questions you have as comments on your documents. The turnaround window will start when we receive your documents (1 week for the Resume service, 2 weeks for the Resume + Cover letter service).

Step #2: We send you comprehensive feedback

As soon as we receive your documents, we will match you with the writer that is most relevant for your situation. For instance, if you’re an experienced hire we will match you with a writer who’s used to working with people like you.

The first round of edits from your reviewer will focus on a) correcting structural problems, b) improving the writing style and c) asking you questions to make sure you are highlighting the best possible parts of your experience. Once that’s done, they will send you back an updated version of your documents for you to work on.

Step #3: You iterate the documents

When you receive your documents after the first round of edits they will contain comments and placeholder from your reviewer for you to work on. You will have quite a bit of homework to do. It will typically take you 1 to 2h to address all the comments sent by your reviewer. After iterating your documents, you will then send them back to your reviewer for the final review.

Step #4: We put the final touches

During the final review, your reviewer will do a word-by-word edit and make sure that every sentence on your documents is as perfect as it can be. Once they have done this, your documents will be 99% ready to be sent. Your reviewer will continue being available via email for any final questions until the end of your turnaround window (1 week for Resume service, 2 weeks for Resume + Cover letter service).

Money-back guarantee if you don't get interviews

We know that booking resume and cover letter writing services is a big investment and we only want you to incur the full cost if it helps you get a job in consulting. We operate a 50% money-back guarantee if you use our services and don’t get any interviews with consulting firms. All you need to do is forward us the emails you received from the firms you applied for.

To be eligible for this money-back guarantee you need to have:

  • applied to at least 3 consulting firms
  • received no interview invitations from any of the firms you are applying for

For instance, if you apply to McKinsey, BCG and Bain and receive no interview invitations, this money back guarantee will cover your situation. But if you apply for McKinsey, BCG, Bain and Deloitte and get invited to interviews by one of them or more, this money back guarantee won’t apply.


Yes, in fact a lot of the candidates we work with are experienced hires. We’ve worked with a wide range of people in the past. From executives with 25 years of experience wanting to become MBB partners, to tier 2 consultants wanting to break into tier 1. And many situations in between.

In most cases this isn’t necessary. But if you are in a special situation (e.g. long gap in your resume, lost your job, etc) which you are more comfortable explaining over the phone than over email then your reviewer will be happy to arrange a 15mins call with you.

We recommend structuring your cover letter as follows: “Why me?”, “Why consulting?” and “Why firm X?” The first two paragraphs of your letter won’t change between the different firms you apply for. But your last paragraph will. What we typically do with clients is that we write the “Why McKinsey?” paragraph with them. And they then adapt that paragraph to their other cover letters. If you want us to, we can check these new paragraphs at a high level but we can’t do in-depth edits.

Here is how we calculate our success rate. Candidates who prepare their resume and cover letters with us get part of their money back if they do not get invited to interviews. We assume that candidates who do not claim back this amount got at least one interview. The figure quoted is simply calculated based on all candidates who trained with us since we launched this service.

Getting an interview is the hardest step in the consulting recruiting process. McKinsey receives about 200,000 applications every year and only hires about 2,000 staff. The most competitive step of this process is by far resume and cover letter screening. So don’t leave it to chance and start perfecting your resume and cover letter with us now!